Omega’s Milestone


2002 OMEGA started construction, repair and maintenance works for Vopak Terminals Singapore

2007  OMEGA first attempt to use “Tank Jacking Method” instead of conventional tank construction method.
Lube Oil Tank construction, Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd on Jurong Island.

2009 OMEGA began Tank repair and maintenance works in ExxonMobil.
Omega began maintenance & repair works for ExxonMobil plants and refineries in Singapore.

2013 Construction of the tallest storage tanks in Universal Terminal by OMEGA.
5 units of 30m tall storage tanks were constructed for Universal Terminal (S) Pte Ltd Base Oil and Lubricating Oil Storage facility on Jurong Island.

2014 Construction of Molten Sulphur Storage Tanks in SRC.
4 units of storage tanks were built by Omega for Singapore Refining Company Private Limited Molten Sulphur and Handling project on Jurong Island.

2015 Southeast Asia’s first independent LPG facility in Singapore.
Construction of 80,000 cubic meters (cbm) double wall, refrigerated storage tank for Vopak Terminals Singapore.

2016 Omega first Spherical tank
Omega began building and construction of a Spherical Tank for ExxonMobil Singapore Butyl and Adhesion (SBA / AURORA) Project.

2017 Rehabilitation of Singapore largest storage tank.
Rehabilitation work for ExxonMobil’s Million barrel (100m diameter) floating roof crude oil storage on Jurong Island.

2017 Reconstruction of storage tank that caught fire on Jurong Island in 2016


Storage Tank Rehabilitation Projects for ExxonMobil.

ExxonMobil Crisp Project