Storage Tank Construction

Storage Tank Construction is our main scope of business. From storage of potable water to aggressive chemical, to oil and fuel, customized storage tanks are the answer to your storage needs.

Being in the industry of building storage tanks since 2002, we understand that different industries had different requirements and specifications for their storage needs.

With the use of technology and our experience, we pride ourselves as specialist in steel tank and cement tank construction, capable of customizing our tanks to your specific needs and requirements, to ensure that your product will be safely stored.

Some of the applications are storage for crude oil, drinking water, fire water, fuel, diesel, gasoline, chemical, etc.

Tank Maintenance / Rehabilitation

Maintenance and rehabilitation of storage tanks plays a significant part with the tank’s service life, as it can affect the quality of the stored product, as well as climate and incident protection, in return, all these will return to operational cost and repair cost, which can be significant in the long run. Sometimes these costs can exceed original construction costs, so it is important to select maintenance, inspection and repair procedures that will minimise the life cycle costs of the tanks.

There are many occasions when brand new tanks may not be required, due to budget constraints, and the existing tank may have not reach its service life. Even when parts of the tanks are destroyed, if the main structure can still be used, it is more appropriate to just maintain or rehabilitate the tanks for usage again.

We service storage tank companies and ultimate consumers a variety of industries, including petroleum, chemical, firefighting, metallurgy, transportation, agricultural, as well as municipal construction and national defence.

Why Omega Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd

Experienced Team

We have a core team that brings more than 30 years of experience in storage tank construction and maintenance, and a proven workforce with good project track records, working with partners like ExxonMobil and Vopak. We are capable of building storage tanks in the traditional method, and tank jacking method.

Automation Technology

To ensure that our projects can be completed on time, with precision and quality, we have been utilising various automation technology, which requires less labour to complete various jobs.

Some of the automation we are using are

  • LT7 tractor by Lincoln Electric – Automatic welding machine for welding 1G / flat surface joints
  • ROMAR Automatic Horizontal Girth Welding Machine - for welding 2G/horizontal joints
  • BUG O CGW-5000 Mini Portable Automatic Girth Welder Machine

High Quality Customised Tanks

Our storage tanks are built with your business in mind, adhering to your requirements and specifications. On top of that, we understand that quality is the root of enterprise survival, hence our product undergoes rigorous quality inspection before handing over to you, to ensure that our tanks can bring you a longer service life.


Tank jacking construction

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Jet Fuel Storage Tank

Carbon Steel Tank

Wastewater Treatment Tank

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